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Our twin-town Vrbovec lies 32 km to the north-east of Zagreb. Old hungarian name is Verbovecz. Vrbovec was first mentioned in written documents dated April 21, 1244. It was published by Croatian-Hungarian King Bela IV, where feudal field was given to the countman Junk.
Kispest has bulit up it twin-town relations in 2004, and National Croation Minority Self-government has a close realitonship with Vrebovec at the same time.
The city has more monument, such as the castle of Patačić , the castle of Lovrečina Grad, and the church of Saint Vitus in Vrbovec.
The castle was originally built around 1528 against the Turks. The castle burned down in due to the Turks in 1591, and again in 1755, when the insurgent peasants set fire. The castle has only one remaining tower, which name after Petar Zrinski. The Patacsich family built the still standing Baroque castle after 1755. The castle works as an office building and cultural center nowadays.
Petar Zrinski (Hungarian: Zrínyi Péter) was born in 6 June 1621 in the castle of Patačić in Vrbovec. Through his daughter,Jelena Zrinska (Hungarian: Zrínyi Ilona), and he was brother of famed Hungarian military leader, statesman and poet Nikola Zrinski (Hungarian: Zrínyi Miklós)

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